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Terre Haute, Indiana


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Welcome to Terre Haute! This community was made for people who take pride in their city and want to talk to others from around the area about local events, politics, relationships and other common interests.

Terre Haute is a mid-sized city on the West side of Indiana. We have five colleges: Indiana State University, Rose Hulman, St. Mary of the Woods, Ivy Tech and Indiana Business College. The Hulman Field Airport is one of the finest for a city our size. We have one of the best local park systems in the state and large State parks like Turkey Run and Shakamak are nearby. Factories like Bemis Company, Applied Extrusion Technologies (AET), Ampacet and Jadcore have made us the plastics hub of the Midwest, if not the country. Columbia House, the largest mail order company in the world is located here in town. Local companies, DADC and Sony distribute their technology all over the world. Pfisers is a major pharmaceutical company. Eli Lilly, Alcan, Tredegar, Ivy Hill; the list of successful factories goes on. For a town our size, Terre Haute has a lot going for it. We should be proud!


This community will not cater to any particular scene or group. It is a general default community representing people who have a variety of interests in local life. This page will never be exclusive. People will not be banned unless they spam the community with marketing ploys, excessive trolling or personal attacks. Obscene or crude posts will be promptly deleted. Members who engage in such activity will have fair warning before being banned. A suspension may precede a permanent banning. Honestly though, you will have to work really hard to get banned. I am in favor of freedom of speech. I just don't want people harassing one another or posting a bunch of random spam. Have fun and try to get along. Thanks!

Last notes:

Complaining about Terre Haute is fine but don't get offended if someone asks you what you are doing to make this a better place. It is easy to be a critic. Try getting involved in local happenings and doing something to improve your life and conditions for those around you. There are people in this community working hard to make our schools, retail establishments and industrial base among the finest in Indiana. They could use your support.

Local links:

Local news: WTWO, WTHI, WTHI Tower Cam, The Tribune Star, Terre Haute Journal of Business, Indiana Statesman (ISU's student newspaper), ISU News and events, local weather. Radio stations: 105.5 The River, 100.7 MIXFM, 90.7 WMHD, 89.7 WISU. Schools: ISU, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Saint Mary of the Woods College, Ivy Tech, Indiana Business College, Terre Haute South Vigo High School, Terre haute North Vigo High School, West Vigo High School, Vigo County Public Library, Vigo county School CorporationISU Library. Churches: Terre Haute First Assembly of God, Maryland Community Church, Saint Patrick. Public Service: Union Hospital, Union Hospital Fitness Center, Regional Hospital, AP&S Clinic, Terre Haute Police Department, Goodwill. Local interest and recreation: Welcome to Terre Haute, Hometown.net, Hometown profile, Chamber of Commerce, Map of Terre Haute, CANDLES Holocaust Museum, Children's Museum, Community Theater, ISU Theater, Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra, Terre Haute Choral Society, The Swope Art Museum, ISU Art Gallery, Hulman Field Airport, Terre Haute Air Fair, Aviation Museum, Terre Haute Golf Courses, Same Day Flower Delivery, Terre Haute Castle Chess Camp, Terre Haute Adult Chess Club, Terre Haute Brewery and Tap Room, Some bars, Some restaurants, Shopping.